The Sculptor – Scott McCloud


It’s hard to say how big a deal, or indeed what sort of deal, Scott McCloud is. He’s the creator of the excellent comic Zot, which started out something like an Astro Boy pastiche and ended up exploring themes of adolescent angst, alienation and closeted sexuality. McFarlane also wrote Understanding Comics, a documentary graphic novel that explained the conventions of the medium it was created in, like speech bubbles. (It’s been a while since I read it.) He’s an influential guy. You could say that he’s the Scott McFarlane of comics.

The Sculptor is about a frustrated sculptor who sells most of his lifespan to Death, in exchange for the supernatural ability to reform any solid matter into any shape he pleases. Inconveniently, he falls in love a month before the date he agreed to die. Things escalate from there.

This is probably going to be a classic.