The Sandman: Overture – Neil Gaiman


Read this book.

The Sandman is the point of Neil Gaiman; I feel that everything else he does is merely extra curricular activities. As a whole, The Sandman tells the story how the Lord of Dreams learned that value of humility and changed. This new prequel, this overture, tells us how a mad star and a lost girl set him on that path.

The art is gorgeous. The art is diverse. The art alone would justify buying this book, if I was the sort of person to buy books.

I don’t know if you should read this book first, or read the other eleven and come back to this one. To be perfectly honest I think I worry too much about that sort of thing, and I’ll admit that I didn’t read this series in a linear order. But I’ll tell you this.

Sandman is the essential comic. Read this book.