Any Colour You Like: A Tribute To Pink Floyd – Various Artists


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Here’s a link to an Iranian tribute album to Pink Floyd which you should click.

Their version of Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun is chilling. Female vocalists feature on Mother and Coming Back To Life, and it works brilliantly. The album sounds more heavy metal than the originals, and that also works. According to Mideast Tunes, the project’s aim is to ‘ to show the world that rock music is still alive in Iran.’ A tribute album is a good way to go about that – I’d be more likely to download a free album of Pink Floyd covers than a free album by some Iranian band I’d never heard of.

Light Googling revealed a Guardian article stating that rock music is illegal in Iran. The idea of rock music being genuinely rebellious fascinates me, since in Australia it is conventional to the point of banality. The risks involved in the creation of this album make it all the more enjoyable.