DC Presents Volume 1: Deadman, Challengers of the Unknown – Paul Jenkins and Jerry Ordway


This is a two in one title, you get one story about Deadman and another about the Challengers of the Unknown.

Deadman exactly what he sounds like. After an arrogant circus acrobat dies in a horrific accident, a blue goddess gives him a chance of redemption by stepping into the lives of troubled souls and fixing their problems. In this reboot he helps a paraplegic veteran regain his confidence by defeating a bunch of domestic terrorists while questioning the motivations of his azure mentor. I’d like read more about this new Deadman, get him over into Vertigo, he’d do great over there.

I don’t know much about the Challengers of the Unknown beyond their cameo in Darwyn Cooke’s The New Frontier. In this story they’re a bunch of reality TV stars who stumble upon a bizarre plot involving ancient mystical artefacts when their plane crashes over the Himalayas. The characters weren’t that great, although I appreciated how they’d keep dying. That was a great way to keep up the tension. Besides that, I wouldn’t concern myself with these new challengers.