Cemetery Girl: Inheritance – Charlaine Harris


I enjoyed Cemetery Girl: Inheritence more than I expected. From the premise, with an amnesiac psychic hiding from her anonymous persecutors in a graveyard, I was expecting an adventure heavily derivative from Johnny and the Dead or The Graveyard Book. Happily, Cemetery Girl successfully distinguishes itself from these precedents to stand out in the small young-person-hanging-out-in-a-necropolis genre.

After Alexa Dunhill’s kindly mentor and maternal figure is mysteriously killed, it is up to her to solve the murder. Complicating matters are a will that grants her everything the old lady owned, but there’s a sensible lawyer who may be able to help her out. The only supernatural element is Alexa’s communication with the victim’s ghost, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the strangers pursuing Alexa are involved in some occult scheme. We never actually learn who they are – presumably that will be resolved in the final book of the series.

Golden’s crisp and colourful art combined with Harris’ economical script to tell a tight, well-placed narrative that was satisfying in its own right while opening bigger questions to be answered later. My question is, will Alexa Dunhill be proud of her past once she remembers her past? That’s always the risk when you’re an amnesiac fugitive fleeing from an unknown foe, maybe they’ve got a very good reason to want to catch you, maybe you’ve been the problem all along.

So yes, I enjoyed Cemetery Girl: Inheritance. I’ll keep an eye out for the prequel and the sequel, and maybe one day I’ll try out some of the novels written by Charlaine Harris.



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