The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Squirrel Power – Ryan North


Squirrel Power is easily the funnest comic I’ve read this year, certainly the best Marvel one I’ve read for a long time. Squirrel Girl is a superhero of uncertain origin, either a mutant or someone with squirrel blood, with a large tail, the proportionate strength and abilities of a squirrel, and the ability to talk to those exotic tree dwelling rodents.

Squirrel Power sees her begin her first days at college, settle in with her new roomate and crush on a young man with implausible cheekbones, all the while defeating some of Marvel’s most famous – and kooky! – villains.

The authorship of Ryan North is plainly visible in the faint text at the bottom of the page, which expands upon the action depicted in the panels, like the alt-text in his Dinosaur Comics. Erica Hendersons’ art suits the tone of the script perfectly, alternating between zany cartooniness and tributes to Steve Ditko. Looks good, is what I’m saying.

Everyone who cares about comics should read this one, but it’d be particularly suitable for younger readers.



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