The Dark Lady: A Romance of the Far Future – Mike Resnick

4780343Leonardo, an insectoid alien who studies human art, is entranced by multiple portraits that depict the same young woman, despite being painted by different artists in every stage of Earth’s history. Their only other similarity is that their male artists were drawn to danger, and it is this thread that Leonardo follows as he reluctantly embarks on a galactic search that will see him encounter a misanthropic millionaire, desperate bounty hunter, a suave cat burglar, and ultimately the Dark Lady herself. Although we never reach a satisfactory answer about her identity, this book’s true value lies in how Resnick articulates Leonardo’s alien perspective on human behaviour.

Also, part of me thinks this Dark Lady has something to do with Death from Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. I don’t care if one work influenced the other, both are great in their own right.



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