Starman: Times Past – James Robinson


James Robinson’s Starman is a strange series for me. The praise in the forewords, the excellent art and the brilliant stories all make it seem as though Starman should be a really big deal, alongside Sandman or any other quality Vertigo book. My guess is that it simply came out at the wrong time. I don’t know.

I’ve only read one volume and one spinoff from this series, but it’s basically about a junk shop owner who inherits his father’s superhero paraphernalia after his brother dies. Times Past is a collection of self-contained one issue stories, stretching all the way from the times of Oscar Wilde, to the Second World War, to the nineties. They’re meant to shed new light on the events of the main series, but since I don’t know what they are, I can’t say if they do.

Although this was a satisfying read, it really makes me want to see the rest of the series!



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