Spider-Man: India – Javeen Kang


Retelling Spiderman’s origin story in an Indian setting, Spiderman: India proves to be as worthwhile as it is experimental.

Here, Peter Parker becomes Pavitr Prabhakar, Uncle Ben becomes Uncle Bhim, and the Green Goblin the Green Rakshasa. The oddest cultural translations are the little slippers with the curled toes Spiderman wore, which can’t be practical, and his schoolmates’ preoccupation with cricket. I get this was a substitution for American Football, but as an Australian, the sport seems less the domain of bullying jocks and more a pastime for incredibly boring people. The sci-fi origins of the superpowers of various characters were made supernatural, with Spiderman receiving his powers from the glowing naked man whom I assumed was a Hindu deity, and Norman Osborn getting his powers from a sinister ceremony.

I enjoyed the little notes at the end of each issue from the people behind the comic, although I was puzzled why the renowned quack Depak Chopra was allowed to write a foreword.

Spiderman: India is good in a solid way. I just wish there were more than four issues.


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