Asterix and Obelix’ Birthday: The Golden Book – Albert Underzo and Rene Goscinny


Asterix and Obelix’ Birthday: The Golden Book collects several pieces of obscure Asterix bits and bobs, framed by a narrative about the indomitable Gauls preparing for their birthdays. We see an in-universe travelogue written in the sixties, the characters speculating on what an Asterix film would look like, and various parodies of great works of art with Asterix characters. While interesting, only die-hard Asterix fans would get the most out of this one.


5 thoughts on “Asterix and Obelix’ Birthday: The Golden Book – Albert Underzo and Rene Goscinny

    1. I can’t help you with that – I found my copy in a rural library. You can get it on Amazon, though.

      There’s two other solo Goscinny books that might interest you, Asterix and the Falling Sky and Asterix and the Class Act. Neither of these were very satisfying for me.

      It turns out there are two more new books in the series, Asterix and the Missing Scroll and Asterix and the Picts. The reviews on these aren’t that great, but hopefully if they keep the series going long enough the French version of Grant Morrison could get hired as the writer, and that’d be groovy.

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      1. I don’t know for certain, but seeing how France is the country that gave us dada and surrealism, there’s bound to be a few contenders. I’m thinking of Morrison in his psychedelic Doom Patrol mode, not his more conventional Batman mode. If I was pressed I’d name someone involved in Incal, this bizarre sci-fi comic I read a long time ago. I don’t remember it well, but there were flying brains, psychic hermaphrodites, people with beaks and gorgeous art. That sort of thing wouldn’t work in an Asterix book, but it would certainly be memorable.


      2. Hey! I love Doom Patrol from Morrison and did extensive review on my site on Doom Patrol, dada and surrealism. But don’t know all that stuff sort don’t fit with Asterix, maybe they should make new comic. I mean if Garth Ennis probably spearhead the project with some help from Franco-Belgium artist I think they could create something


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