Convergence: Zero Hour Book Two – Various


It feels like a month since I read this book, and I don’t fully understand its background. The DC comics franchise consists of a multiverse that flourishes or wilts on the whim of its editors, occasionally into one sole universe. Having one continuity makes things accessible for new readers, but the old fans really love the crazy and occasionally convoluted things that go on in that crazy multiverse. In Convergence a Superman villain steals a copy of Metropolis from loads of abandoned continuities and dumps them on this alien planet. Apparently it’s sentient or something, because after a year of protecting these cities under life-sustaining domes, a voice booms from the heavens commanding that all the heroes fight each other so that their city can be the sole survivor.

At least, that’s what I think is happening here.

Book Two sees DC’s nineties superheroes face a bunch of weirdos from the Wildstorm universe, a bunch of weirdos I know almost nothing about. That said, my favourite characters from that universe were the lesbian princess and her gay husband, who were forced to fight a version of Supergirl who read as though she were written by Douglas Adams. I need to read her original series.

Beyond that, the stories here are a mixed bag. I enjoyed seeing how Aquaman coped being isolated from the ocean, and this was the first time I’d seen Batman interact with his one-time replacement Azreal. The Green Lantern story did little for me, but Green Lantern stories rarely do. I’ve got a theory about that: for me the appeal of comics is how completely ridiculous they are, but nothing seems all that absurd in space. To my knowledge anything can happen out there.

Reading this book, I finally realised that Steel is essentially a Superman-themed expy of Marvel’s Ironman. I’m embarrassed that it took me this long.

While I enjoyed Convergence: Book Two, I can’t help but suspect that I’d have enjoyed it more if I had read the previous volume, before moving on to the rest of the series.


One thought on “Convergence: Zero Hour Book Two – Various

  1. It’s true that old DC continuity is hard for new fans, and as old fans die in instant just to see it revive. But reading your post I see how alienating its for new readers and makes me second guess myself over it possible revival

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