Heaven Can Wait


A fotonovel is a book that adapts a film by arranging stills in a sequential order, overlaid with dialogue from the script – essentially a glossy comic book with pictures. The term comes from Italy, I think.

Heaven Can Wait is a seventies movie about an American athlete who swaps bodies with a millionaire after a near death experience.

I paid twenty cents for this.


I read Heaven Can Wait a while back, in a month starting with J. For some reason I never got round to reviewing it here, although as you can I see I put together a collection of inexpert scans of the thing. The woman’s hair is memorable, to say the least.


These are all out of order, by the way. That makes them funnier, though this actually looks like a pretty good film.


I love the onomatopoeia in all this.


Best interrogation answer ever.


She looks more stunned than confused, but whatever.


Even if you ignore the supernatural angle of the narrative, it’s clear the protagonist is insane.


The picture on the left is me at every party. Whoever drew the onomatopoeias must’ve known what they were doing to a small extent, that ‘Good Cheer!’ sign is obviously sarcastic. I love it.

Joe's funeral.jpg

“I hope that God makes you first string.” The fact that I have no idea what that actually means makes it all the more hilarious.

Liberal party fundraiser.jpg

I really love the white text, that tells us what we should already know.


I know this is a comedy, but all this sound effects are too much.

tony abbot tried to kill him excerpt.jpg

Extraordinary allegations against a former Australian prime minister here. And really, it’d be far from the worse thing he’s ever done.

tony abbot tried to kill him.jpg

A wider version of the previous image. I like their sheets, the pattern is like something you’d expect to see on kitchen curtains.

Tony Abbott 1.jpg

Dear god, I just realised Tony Abbott is conspiring with a woman called Julia. She could do so much better. A dead slug could do better.


Wow is how I’d describe this entire experience. Read it, if you ever get the chance. It actually works a lot better then you’d think.


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