The Men From P.I.G. and R.O.B.O.T.


The Men From P.I.G. And Robot contains two stories, both named what you’d expect, about unusual space policemen and the wacky ways they solve problems. The idea is that in the distant future, mankind has colonized so much space that no conventional police force can cover everything. So instead, when things get restless on obscure colony worlds they’ll send out a swineherd/agent, or a detective posing as a hapless electronics salesman.

Harrison must’ve read a textbook about pigs or something before writing The Man From P.I.G., because the story contains so much porcine facts that I’m worried I almost might’ve actually learned something. I think the intersection of animal husbandry and alien crime is interesting, but beyond that the tale didn’t do much for me.

The Man from R.O.B.O.T was less good, because while pigs are something of a novelty, robots are a sci-fi staple. And while the way the protagonist argues with his computer might’ve been a bit interesting in the seventies, nowadays it’s borderline cliche.

Nothing about this book was particularly terrible, but nothing about it was memorable either. Still, I don’t mind the cover art.


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