Wonder Woman – George Perez


I haven’t read much of Wonder Woman, but I like what I’ve read here.

Wonder Woman has the most complex origin story of any super hero I can think of right now. There’s mythology, in that the Amazons are created by the Greek gods to show mankind a better way to live. There’s history, in that they were created in ancient Greece spent a few millenia frozen in the Iron Age after the gods removed them to the paradise island of Themyscira. The great woman herself was molded out of clay by her mother and given life by the gods, before having to complete several trials before being allowed to visit Man’s World. That’s complex. Superman gets a sci-fi update of the Moses story for his origin, Batman gets childhood trauma, but Wonder Woman’s beginnings are centuries in the making. That’s a strength, though, because it sets her apart from the rest of the DC universe and gives her a ready-made cast of Amazons to interact with.

Her rogues gallery is composed of Greek myths and angry women, with significant overlap between the two. I liked the stories that invoked Greek culture best, they felt like the most plausible continuation of classical mythology I’ve seen.

It’s not always about violence though; there’s more than a few stories about the effect Wonder Woman has on the more normal people around here. Like how she makes the slightly overweight military secretary feel inadequate, or how she inspires her teenage friend. I like this sort of thing in superhero comics, because nobody can do nothing but fight baddies all day.

I’d recommend George Perez’s Wonder Woman work to anyone thinking about making  a movie about the character.


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