Nemo: Heart of Ice – Alan Moore


I’ve discussed Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen here before, how it’s essentially the greatest crossover, because every single detail derives from a literary classic. The spin-off Nemo: Heart of Ice sees the Janni Dakkar, pirate daughter of Jules Verne’s famous submariner. tackle an arctic expedition that goes wrong in ways only a devout Lovecraft fan can imagine, while being pursued by a gaggle of over-grown boy inventors. For a measly forty-eight pages a lot of cool stuff happens – and it’s not mere laziness that’s stopping me from spoiling it for you. There’s even a cool supplementary bit where a gossip columnist covers the wedding of Janni’s daughter and the grandson of Robur the Conqueror, inserting as much innuendo as possible into her article. My only complaint was that this only felt like part of a story, that I’ll need to my hands on the sequels.


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