The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole – Sue Townsend


Long-term readers of this blog will remember me raving about Diary of a Wimpy Vampire back in February. I think Adrian Mole was the prototype for that book, or at least a very influential example of the comedic diary genre. So how does this novel stack up to another novel I really enjoyed?

Adrian Mole is like a teenage version of Mark Corrigan from Peep Show, stuck somewhere between precocious and just plain pretentious. Both his parents have children born from affairs while he is an off-and-on-again relationship with some posh girl called Pandora. Occasionally Adrian will send a poem to the BBC, and they’ll humour him with a polite rejection letter. Confusingly, the novel doesn’t end with a dramatic climax, or begin with an exciting event either, but I suppose that’s realism for you.

There were funny bits, but the book didn’t grab me like Wimpy Vampire did. Maybe it was the complete lack of fantastic elements. Oh well.

Adrian Mole was pretty popular in the eighties, in Britain ITV made a show based on the character. Here’s the opening song:

And now I want to go watch Ashes to Ashes again.


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