Tomorrowland – Paul Jenkins


Not to be confused with some Disney thing I don’t care about, the comic Tomorrowland demonstrates that stupid doesn’t always mean unenjoyable. There’s some festival out there in Belgium and some other places called Tomorrowland, and this comic exists it.

For the purposes of the story, Tomorrowland is an annual gathering where humanity’s greatest minds come together to bend time and fight the devil. Each year a new person is chosen to represent the powers of good, except this year, where for some reason two DJ brothers get the job. (Can’t remember their names, but the promotional material at the back say they’re real people.) So basically the story is Bill and Ted with turntables.

I kid you not, I laughed out loud reading this story. Time travel allows historical luminaries to interview in the story, placing Shakespeare and Jean-Jacques Costeau in hilarious scenarios. The funniest was when Leonardo da Vinci secretively discussed magical props with the twin’s friend, ending the conversation with the line ‘it’s tough to realise that your best friend is secretly an elf.’

There are elves in this book as well.

It’s just… great.


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