Mind MGMT Volume 3: The Home Maker


Look, at this point of my blogging about Mind MGMT, I’ve ran out of things to say. If I were to describe this series any more all I’d type would be variations on ‘it’s really great’. Give Matt Kindt an Eisner award, that’s what I’m saying. And then give him another one.

This time round we learn more about protagonist Meru’s childhood, and she rediscovers a boyfriend in the process. I don’t trust him. He’s chubby and has a ponytail – maybe the fact that he’s not a generic handsome dude is throwing me off course. Whatever. I’ll be surprised if he doesn’t turn out to be some sort of sleeper agent in the next few installments.

Philip K. Dick almost gets name-dropped, as one character gets sucked into a rocky relationship with famed author Philip K. Verge. This was massively validating for me, proving that even the author recognises the Philip-K-Dickery going on in this franchise.

There’s a cool moment that I don’t have the proper terminology to describe accurately. One of the pages is twice as wide as its fellows, and is folded in upon itself. You only discover the pages special qualities once you’ve gotten to it’s place in the book. Puzzled, you check to see if those is one of those double-wide-folded pages, and it is! For your troubled you get what is effectively a four page spread of urban chaos. Wow!

(I want to say flap, but for me a book flap is a slip of paper behind which Spot’s sister hides from him in some picture book. Flap isn’t a term grandiose enough for what Kindt has pulled here.)

Mind MGMT books are very well designed. The pages feel grainy and are slightly thicker than the glossy pages you find in most other graphic novels, and the covers are wide and sturdy. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kindt had a hand in that as well.

Stop wasting your time on the internet and go read this series immediately.



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