Univeria Zekt – Unnamables

Univeria Zekt is an exotic, primordial, futuristic monsoon of an album.

Despite being credited to the Unnamables, the album is the work of a French band called Magma. I can’t tell you much about them, but I get the impression that they command a cult following similar to The Grateful Dead. Univeria Zekt is intended to be a gateway into Zeuhl music, slow jazz with loud drumming and yelling. Not unlike the music of Yeasayer, this album suggests a world that is magical, surreal and fundamentally alien.

The standout track is Something’s Cast A Spell. Pounding trumpets that sound as cool as the Cowboy Bebop theme, lyrics that sound almost decipherable, varying percussion…. if there was a movie about Harry Potter being a superspy this song would be on the soundtrack.

If I was planning an intergalactic road trip, this would the record I’d play in my space car. If I were to host an otherworldly being at a dinner party I would play this music to make them feel at home. If I attempted to reach a state of cosmic enlightenment, but tragically failed, I would hear nothing but this album as I am cast into New-Age purgatory.

Univeria Zekt would be best received among Prog and Jazz crowds, it’s nonexistent price making it theoretically accessible to anyone with a decent internet connection.


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