Tomorrow Is Today – Various Artists

leda037Tomorrow Is Today is a two disc compilation of psychedelic Australian tunes from the Sixties. Although if you do end up downloading this one, the disc part will become irrelevant.

This collection is a companion to a book of the same name. I haven’t read it, but now I feel that I should.

My favourite song is Natalie, by the Sand Pebbles. Lots of guitar and a bit of reverb, but I’ll admit that I don’t actually know what that means. Would make a great theme song for an absurd action film.

The Great Ape’s History’s Monsters is another fantastic tune. Great rhythm, and vague lyrics that carry a sense of urgency. Maybe it could be on the soundtrack for a Western.

Ian D. Marks’ King Of The Mountain is about a solitary man with delusions of grandeur. I always imagine the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk when I hear this song. Even though he lived on some sort of cloud.

With forty great songs, Tomorrow Is Today is great value even by the standards of freely and legally downloadable music.


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