Tintin in the Congo – Herge

250px-The_Adventures_of_Tintin_-_02_-_Tintin_in_the_CongoTintin in the Congo is the infamous racist Tintin adventure, and I’m glad to say to any Tintin fans reading that they can skip this one without missing anything important.

The plot is haphazard, cartoonish, and even a bit surreal, with Tintin being able to talk to Snowy and defeat a leopard by feeding it a sponge. These early Tintin adventures really remind me of Popeye cartoons.

I wasn’t expecting much from this volume, mainly reading it so that I could look particularly smug next time I find myself in a tedious conversation about censorship and art. You wouldn’t lose all that much by banning the book.

If you really want a laugh, you should look up the Wikipedia page for a Tintin book. Each one has a critical analysis section, and it’s inhabited by people who take Tintin way too seriously.


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