Tintin in America


Tintin is one badass motherfucker.

That’s the conclusion I came to upon reading Tintin in America, the third album in the beloved Belgian comic series. The enigma with a terrible haircut decides to go to America to clean up the local gangsters. Wow. Of all the people to fight organized crime, I wouldn’t have chosen Tintin. And the weird thing is, he does it, it works, he even gets his own ticker-tape parade!

Tintin is more competent than Batman!

There was a particularly good bit where oil was found on a Native American reservation. It takes one page for the disenfranchised locals to be forced from their land and for a boomtown to replace them.

I personally prefer Asterix over Tintin, but if you like slapstick and implausible thrillers you’ll enjoy this album.


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