The Tango Collection – edited by Bernard Caleo

Fair Use

This is not a collection of dance manuals. This is a collection of Australian comic stories concerned with a number of themes, but are apparently organised around the idea of romance

You know what short story collections are like. Some stories are forgettable, others are great, and you read on hoping that the next one will be even better. And there was a beautiful historical piece by Bruce Mutard. As you’d expect many different art styles are used, although they are all black-and-white. I recognised one story from Sensitive Creatures appearing here.

There was this one story in the collection I really liked, whose name I cannot remember. There was lots of colour shading, lots of ultramasculine violence between Australian comic writers, fruits of the Holy Spirit, some nudity, and a little kid who had to be persuaded to eat a meal by a parent who pretended the spoon was a plane. It didn’t make a lot of sense, but it was really cool, and I’m actually kicking myself because I cannot tell you the name. It was that awesome.

That story alone makes this collection worth checking out.


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