The P. Craig Russell Library of Opera Adaptations: Vol. 3 – P. Craig Russell


From Amazon

A prince encounters a beautiful girl by a pond in a forest, and soon they become embroiled in a royal love triangle. A bed-bound dreamer dreams. An Easter Sunday in the Italian countryside is marred by violence born from sexual jealousy. A dancing girl demands the head of a prophet. Drawn from creators as diverse as Oscar Wilde and Maeterlinck, P. Craig Russell translates these tales from the world of the opera into the medium of comics.

Russell is an absolutely brilliant artist. If he illustrated a phonebook, I’d totally be on board for that. The translated text of these comics are definitely written in a stilted, inauthentic dialect, but it flows, and readers used to Stan Lee’s tersely melodramatic scripting would definitely be fine with this book. His adaption of Richard Strauss’s adaption of Oscar Wilde’s Salome, itself an adaption of a Gospel story, is some of the least irritating Wilde-related literature I have yet to encounter.

I’d recommend this book, and others in the series, for opera fans who can only speak English, and devotees of Russel’s art.


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