Superman In The Sixties – Various Authors

From Amazon

From Amazon.

This could well have been the second time I read this collection. Or I’ve read some these stories elsewhere. Either way, Superman In The Sixties gave me a major feeling of deja vu.

The Sixties were a surreal time for Superman. Jimmy Olsen got turned into a turtle, Lois Lane into a baby, he went to Krypton, he failed to save Abraham Lincoln… The thing to know about this time period was that the editor, Mort Weisinger, was getting a lot of his ideas from the neighbourhood children. This likely explains some of the nuttier plots, and I think that actually consulting children may be a way to find some very interesting ideas. Keep that in mind, folks.

Another thing I like about this period is how alien Superman actually was. In the Fortress of Solitude he keeps rooms dedicated to his friends, complete with wax models and furniture. Stalker shrines, basically. He could also remember his early days on Krypton, apparently coming to Earth as a toddler in this continuity. As a tall Anglophone Caucasian, Superman should regain these traits to ensure that he remains believably alien in modern adaptions.

In short, if you see this book give it a shot.


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