Star Wars The Musical – Infauxmedia

Now I don’t know Star Wars, but I know what makes me laugh.

And Infauxmedia’s musical adaption of Star Wars makes me laugh. A lot.

The music is fine and the singing is good. One guy sounds like Colm Wilkinson from Les Miserables. But there’s always been something inherently hilarious about musical theatre, no matter how grim the storyline gets. It doesn’t matter if Egypt’s Pharaoh is impersonating Elvis or if Sweeney Todd is beheading businessmen, all musicals are comedies. Real people simply do not spontaneously sing and dance. If you want to inject a cavalcade of chuckles into your movie, make it a musical.

Do You Speak Bocce, sung in the video above, is the best song on the album. An old dude, either Han Solo or Obi-Wan Kinobe, wants to buy a robot that speaks a language with the same name as the Italian version of Lawn Bowls. Think that a robot can’t feel? Listen to this song and your mind will change.

One More Season, sung by Luke, is also very good.

If you like Star Wars, go download this. If you like musicals, do the same thing. If you like weird stuff? You know what to do.


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