Sensitive Creatures – Mandy Ord

Fair Use

Sensitive Creatures is a collection of autobiographical stories told in comic form, by Melbourne artist Mandy Ord.

The stories are funny, anecdotal and occasionally beautifully profound. My favorite was a bizarre tale where the roles of reader and book were reversed, where a walking book comes into a shop and chooses which tiny, little writer to buy. It’s very weird, although it makes more sense than my description of it. Most of the stories reminded me what I’ve read of Harvey Pekar’s American Splendor.

I’m guessing Ord drew her picture with ink and a pen, but I can imagine these pictures are lino cuts, because the lines are so deep and dark. It’s a good style, suiting the claustrophobic tone of the book.

It’s also nice to read stories set in the city where I live. Makes things seem more real. Thanks to television I can accept almost any absurdity occurring in London or the United States, but tell a tale in Melbourne and suddenly things get relatable for me.

If you get the opportunity, go check Sensitive Creatures out. This is great material.


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