Rigas Disco – Yaputhma Sound System

Of all the albums I’ve legally downloaded from the Internet Archive, Rigas Disco is the hardest to pigeonhole. The blurb at Archive uses the phrase ‘trance-space-rave-rock-post-everything’, and I can definitely see an element of rave. KLF was rave, and Yaputhma Sound system have a similar style, minus the rapping and Illuminatus references.

The first song, ‘U Got Style (Free Me)’, sounds weird enough to be the opening song for an anime. Probably some kind of weirdo space opera with mystic undertones. It has a trumpet in it, even.

‘I Wish You Could C (now)’ would not be out of place on the Triple M Playlist.

’60 60 Yello Screen’ is, in fact, a cover of an old Italodisco song. It’s a great tune in its own right.

My verdict is, download Rigas Disco and give it a try.


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