Pulse Of The Earth – Hungry Lucy

Don’t you just hate it when a reviewer describes something as a combination of two other things?

Sometimes, I do. That’s why I wince when I write that Hungry Lucy sound like a cross between Enya and Depeche Mode. I can forgive myself. Hungry Lucy originally formed for a Depeche Mode tribute album.

They’ve got four albums legally downloadable from the Internet Archive, my favourite of which is Pulse Of The Earth.

The video I’ve embedded here is one of the stand-out tracks, a stalker’s duet reminiscent of Bjork’s The Dull Flame Of Desire. Balloon Girl is also memorably creepy, partially because I can’t decide if it’s about a girl in a hot air balloon or a girl turning into a balloon.

Give this band a chance. I was skeptical at first, until I decided that I like their stuff.


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