Organise Your Kindle

A GIF animation of the words 'Organise your life'

Organize Your Life by Nevit Delmin, Creative Commons 3.

If you’ve followed some of the advice on this blog, it is likely that your Kindle is filled with disorganized books. Using your Kindle, you could manually arrange them into collections, but I’d only advise that if you want your hands to ache.

Use Kindle Collection Manager instead. It’s a free program that will organise your ebooks into collections based on what files they’re in.

Before doing anything with Kindle Collection Manager, organise your ebooks into whichever folders you like. These folders should be in the ‘documents’ folder of your Kindle. I organise my ebooks by genre, author, or the date I downloaded them.

Download the program, install it, plug your Kindle into your computer with your USB cord, and run the program. It will take longer to load depending on how full your Kindle is. Once it’s up, you only need to press the button with the green arrow and the one with the little blue floppy disk. Unplug your Kindle, press the home button, then the menu button, select ‘Settings’, press the menu button again and select reset. (You can also reset your Kindle by holding down the on/off button.) Once your Kindle has been reset you’ll see the new collections, with the same name as the files in your Kindle.

This program is far from infallible. It can’t simply can’t handle some files, particularly ebooks from Amazon.

If anyone can tell me why, please do so in the comments..


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