Free Kafka Translations


Nesnad. Creative Commons 3.

The last post reminds me that I should tell my readers where to find free legal Kafka translations online.

I have to say, Kafka’s probably my favourite literary author. I remember first getting into his work after playing Final Fantasy 6, the villain of which was a magic clown called Kefka who actually managed to destroy most of the world. In villainous terms, that’s like winning the lottery. Kafka’s stories are worlds made incomprehensible by arbitary rules and sadistic authority figures. Really with resonated me in high school.

Project Gutenberg has public domain English translations of The Trial and The Metamorphosis. These probably aren’t the best translations you can wish for, but the word ‘free’ can ameliorate many sins.

The Kafka Project has a collection of translated short stories including another version of The Metamorphosis. It also has what appears to be a complete translation of Amerika.

I haven’t managed to track down any legally free translations of The Castle. If anyone knows of any, it’d be groovy if they left a link in the comments.


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