Free Complete Lovecraft


H. P. Lovecraft. Public Domain.

You should stop reading this post and click this link.

It leads to an ebook containing almost everything H. P. Lovecraft wrote. He was this nutty American guy who wrote about a universe that was fundamentally inhospitable and indifferent to everything humanity holds dear. This manifests in the form of impossibly ancient monsters. I’ve talked about his stories The Shadow Out Of Time and At The Mountains Of Madness, and I still think they’re his best work.

I should also plug the Oz/Cthulhu Crossover I managed to get published. Totally happened.

If you’re interesting in creating ebooks you should read everything on the first page I linked to. This ebook is expertly made, hyperlinked table of contents and everything, and the compiler lists every program she used to make each format of the book. Wonderful work.


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