Convert Your Texts To Ebook With Calibre

Calibre is a great program for managing and converting ebooks. I’m so enthusiastic about it that I could star in an infomercial spruiking it.

You can use Calibre to convert any sort of text into any sort of ebook format, such as EPUB and Mobi. It can also perform multiple conversions as once. You can add a nice cover image, and specify Author and Publication year in the metadata.

Calibre is also good for organising your ebooks. You can put tags in the metadata to make sorting easier. I’m not so big on the library system, but someone who owned huge piles ebooks might find it useful in finding a specific file.

There’s all sorts of cool plug-ins I’ve never used. There’s even one to download blogs and newspapers.

It’s possible to put too many files into the Calibre library. I once added 2GB of fanfic EPUBs to the my Calibre library, and as a result the program took too long to load and constantly froze. Eventually I started a new Calibre library, and everything was fine again.

Basically, if you want to muck around with ebooks, you owe it to yourself to get this program.

The best thing about Calibre is the price, because it has none. You can download it for free. It works on Windows, Android, whatever Apple uses… it’s just the best.


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