Bruno Schulz, translated by John Curran Davis


The Cinnamon Shops. Public Domain.

Bruno Schulz was a brilliant Polish writer who told luminous stories about his eccentric father.

The first story I read of his was Father’s Last Escape, in which his father transformed in order to escape death. He failed. This metamorphosis theme lead me to compare him to Kafka, but I think that’s too simple. Although Schulz’s world is often bizarre and incomprehensible it is generally a more enjoyable place to be in than anything out of Kafka. is filled with Schulz stories translated by John Curran Davis. I don’t like how he’s uploaded the translations in gif files, because it makes copying the stories into an ebook impossible. That’s probably the point. Besides, I can’t criticise anyone who can translates Polish and makes those translations freely available. He even posted three copyable stories onto Weird Fiction Review.

I’d recommend these stories for people who like Kafka, Borges, Italo Calvino or any form of magical realism.



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