Champions of the Sidhe – Kenneth C. Flint


Here’s the sequel to Riders of the Sidhe, that fantasy novel that I gave a surprisingly rave review for yesterday. Pretty much all the praise I gave for the earlier novel applies to this one, so I’ll only make a note of a few things.

Now that Lugh has accepted his destiny as a national liberator, he has to travel around Eire rousing the oppressed Tuath De Danaan to rise against the Fomor. Meanwhile, his friends must travel to Manannan’s island to retrieve a magical cauldron that can revitalize even the most demoralized soldier. And towards the end, Balor manages to invade that paradise…

Flint has added new elaborations to the old myth that I personally found satisfying. At one point Lugh is almost sacrificed by a Firbolg clan, who were essentially the indigenous people of Ireland before they were displaced by the Danaan invaders. Soon after that, he encounters a Pooka. Now you may remember a Pooka as being something like a giant invisible rabbit that follows James Stewart around, and I as a preternaturally fast horse, but Flint’s vision of a Pooka more resembles the cat-bus from My Neighbour Totoro. There’s always a thrill of recognition when such familiar things appear expectantly.

We also get to see a Fomor army tank, because why the hell not.

I’m enjoying these books a lot more than I expected, but this means that I now have to get my hands on Masters of the Sidhe. While it might float into my orbit, I’ll probably have to end up buying it on Amazon… If you can get your hands on this series, I suggest you do so.


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