Super Nerdcore All Bars World 1 (the Super Mario Mixtape) – 1-UP, Doug Funnie, Phantastik the Phenom

Datpiff is a mixtape-sharing website. I really need to check it out more often.

Super Nerdcore All Bars World 1 (the Super Mario Mixtape) is something I downloaded from that site. You’ve probably guessed it’s a bunch of guys rapping over music from the Snes Mario games.

Recently I released that I’m a relatively large Mario fan. The man has done some great stuff, from jumping on turtles to turning his hand to almost every sport known to man. I’m not passionate about the franchise, but I do associate it with unassuming quality.

My favourite track on this mixtape is Super Koopa Troopa, but they’re all great. Each track is rapped from the perspective of Mario, so it could be considered fanfiction. Fantastic stuff.


Dondero High School Albums

These recordings of the Dondero High School Accapella choir sound like what Glee would be if it were real, and any good.

I won’t lie that the quality varies dramatically. The covers I continually return to are Kryptonite and charmingly nasal version of Satellite of Love. There is also a cover of Shock The Monkey is pure rock and roll genius – far too good to rot in Internet Archive obscurity. If you download anything discussed on this blog, download this.

The way to engage with this content is to download all of it, and copy all the good stuff into the best of file. I did that, and then I accidentally deleted the file. There is no emoticon that can adequately express my remorse.

Tomorrow Is Today – Various Artists

leda037Tomorrow Is Today is a two disc compilation of psychedelic Australian tunes from the Sixties. Although if you do end up downloading this one, the disc part will become irrelevant.

This collection is a companion to a book of the same name. I haven’t read it, but now I feel that I should.

My favourite song is Natalie, by the Sand Pebbles. Lots of guitar and a bit of reverb, but I’ll admit that I don’t actually know what that means. Would make a great theme song for an absurd action film.

The Great Ape’s History’s Monsters is another fantastic tune. Great rhythm, and vague lyrics that carry a sense of urgency. Maybe it could be on the soundtrack for a Western.

Ian D. Marks’ King Of The Mountain is about a solitary man with delusions of grandeur. I always imagine the giant from Jack and the Beanstalk when I hear this song. Even though he lived on some sort of cloud.

With forty great songs, Tomorrow Is Today is great value even by the standards of freely and legally downloadable music.

Any Colour You Like: A Tribute To Pink Floyd – Various Artists


Image used for review purposes only

Here’s a link to an Iranian tribute album to Pink Floyd which you should click.

Their version of Set The Control For The Heart Of The Sun is chilling. Female vocalists feature on Mother and Coming Back To Life, and it works brilliantly. The album sounds more heavy metal than the originals, and that also works. According to Mideast Tunes, the project’s aim is to ‘ to show the world that rock music is still alive in Iran.’ A tribute album is a good way to go about that – I’d be more likely to download a free album of Pink Floyd covers than a free album by some Iranian band I’d never heard of.

Light Googling revealed a Guardian article stating that rock music is illegal in Iran. The idea of rock music being genuinely rebellious fascinates me, since in Australia it is conventional to the point of banality. The risks involved in the creation of this album make it all the more enjoyable.

Pulse Of The Earth – Hungry Lucy

Don’t you just hate it when a reviewer describes something as a combination of two other things?

Sometimes, I do. That’s why I wince when I write that Hungry Lucy sound like a cross between Enya and Depeche Mode. I can forgive myself. Hungry Lucy originally formed for a Depeche Mode tribute album.

They’ve got four albums legally downloadable from the Internet Archive, my favourite of which is Pulse Of The Earth.

The video I’ve embedded here is one of the stand-out tracks, a stalker’s duet reminiscent of Bjork’s The Dull Flame Of Desire. Balloon Girl is also memorably creepy, partially because I can’t decide if it’s about a girl in a hot air balloon or a girl turning into a balloon.

Give this band a chance. I was skeptical at first, until I decided that I like their stuff.

Univeria Zekt – Unnamables

Univeria Zekt is an exotic, primordial, futuristic monsoon of an album.

Despite being credited to the Unnamables, the album is the work of a French band called Magma. I can’t tell you much about them, but I get the impression that they command a cult following similar to The Grateful Dead. Univeria Zekt is intended to be a gateway into Zeuhl music, slow jazz with loud drumming and yelling. Not unlike the music of Yeasayer, this album suggests a world that is magical, surreal and fundamentally alien.

The standout track is Something’s Cast A Spell. Pounding trumpets that sound as cool as the Cowboy Bebop theme, lyrics that sound almost decipherable, varying percussion…. if there was a movie about Harry Potter being a superspy this song would be on the soundtrack.

If I was planning an intergalactic road trip, this would the record I’d play in my space car. If I were to host an otherworldly being at a dinner party I would play this music to make them feel at home. If I attempted to reach a state of cosmic enlightenment, but tragically failed, I would hear nothing but this album as I am cast into New-Age purgatory.

Univeria Zekt would be best received among Prog and Jazz crowds, it’s nonexistent price making it theoretically accessible to anyone with a decent internet connection.

Star Wars The Musical – Infauxmedia

Now I don’t know Star Wars, but I know what makes me laugh.

And Infauxmedia’s musical adaption of Star Wars makes me laugh. A lot.

The music is fine and the singing is good. One guy sounds like Colm Wilkinson from Les Miserables. But there’s always been something inherently hilarious about musical theatre, no matter how grim the storyline gets. It doesn’t matter if Egypt’s Pharaoh is impersonating Elvis or if Sweeney Todd is beheading businessmen, all musicals are comedies. Real people simply do not spontaneously sing and dance. If you want to inject a cavalcade of chuckles into your movie, make it a musical.

Do You Speak Bocce, sung in the video above, is the best song on the album. An old dude, either Han Solo or Obi-Wan Kinobe, wants to buy a robot that speaks a language with the same name as the Italian version of Lawn Bowls. Think that a robot can’t feel? Listen to this song and your mind will change.

One More Season, sung by Luke, is also very good.

If you like Star Wars, go download this. If you like musicals, do the same thing. If you like weird stuff? You know what to do.