Flight 714 – Herge

Flight_714_Just as Tintin and his friends are about to board a Qantas plane to at an Indonesian airport, Captain Haddock inadvertently befriends an irascible and corrupt millionaire. They choose instead to ride his private jet, which is hijacked by the minions of one of Tintin’s old enemies and crash-landed on a small island near Macassar. Extra-terrestrial help, of the Chariots Of The Gods school, proves necessary.

The aliens felt like a cop-out and I didn’t find the jokes made at the expense of Professor Calculus’ deafness amusing. Captain Haddock was a relatable character as always, but Tintin remains a frustrating enigma.

You might ask why I’m reading all these Tintin books if I’ve never really connected to the franchise. Recently I’ve gained access to an almost complete collection of the series, so I’ve been choosing random volumes to get a taste for the thing. I can see why people love the detail and clever plots of this series, but it just isn’t my cup of tea.


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