Darkness – 0oMooncalfo0

Usually I avoid reading incomplete fan fiction, but for some reason I only realised that 0oMooncalfo0 hadn’t finished writing Darkness until I finished reading it. Since the story is a novelization of a game I’d already won – Final Fantasy Four – I don’t really mind. Although this was a good story, and I’d love to read more of it.

Fan fictions written about video games are special, because they force the reader to consider the events of the game through the perspective of one character. In this case, 0oMooncalfo0 shows us how Rydia feels about the early events of Final Fantasy Four. Rydia is a scared little girl, because the early events of Final Fantasy Four involve her home town being burned down by foreign soldiers, and said foreign soldiers looking after her after they go into voluntary exile. Those of use who’ve played the game know that Cecil Harvey is just a nice guy with issues, but all Rydia knows is that she’s being protected by a dark suit of armor that may not even contain a human. And I think that demonstrates the brilliant potential video game novelizations have.



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