Blue Blue City – Peter Kelly

Blue Blue City cover

Click here to download a special edition PDF of my book Blue Blue City.

I’ll be upfront with you and confess that Blue Blue City is crap. I was inspired by deliberately incomprehensible books like Finnegan’s Wake and Codex Seraphinianus, as well as intimidatingly obscure texts like The Voynich Manuscript and Oahspe, to create a novel-length stream of gibberish using a series of top secret collage techniques known only to myself. The project was a success, but I cannot imagine a situation in which I can make a novel-length stream of gibberish profitable.

This special edition is the result of my attempts to teach myself desktop publishing using a trial version of Adobe InDesign. So far I’ve figured out how to automate text flow within text boxes, how to use master pages to place page numbers and my name on every page, among other things. If I get the time and if my computer doesn’t die, I want to learn how to organise chapter headings and a table of contents, but I think I’ve got enough to come across as mildly impressive in a job interview situation. And Blue Blue City is more fun to play around with than an entire book of Lorem Ipsum.

I’ll loudly acknowledge that the cover is pretty mediocre. I was more focused on the placing and the colouring of the letters than what was going on in the background, which I just needed to be dark. Manipulating pictures in InDesign is a pretty tricky business, although less aggravating than in Word. And it’s difficult to think of an image that adequately conveys the gist of Blue Blue City. You need something blue, chaotic, and alien. The night sky is has at least two of those three.

I have three dreams for this project. The first is a small print run, presumably after I’ve won the lottery and have money to lose on idiotic ventures. The second is to bring a copy of the book back through time to 1930s France, where I’d show it to the local surrealists who’d be so impressed with me that Andre Breton would declare me their king. The third, and least likely, dream is for the book to somehow earn me money.

For anyone still reading this post who remains on the fence as to whether Blue Blue City is worth downloading, I’ll dedicate this paragraph to being an excerpt which will hopefully persuade you either way. ‘Cone the trace sing blue fee braded, on more braded, on sing chive sing bricks. Sing heaven. Sing late sing fine by bazillion cone hero by bazillion cone cone by bazillion coneflower. By bazillion Conestoga by bazillion cone more by bazillion cone chive by bazillion cone bricks. By bazillion cone heaven. By bazillion conflate by bazillion confine by bazillion blue hero by bazillion blue cone blue blue city by bazillion bluegills by bazillion blue more by bazillion blue chive by bazillion blue bricks. By bazillion blue heaven. By bazillion blue late by bazillion blue fine by bazillion gherkin by bazillion ghettoes. By bazillion bluebush by bazillion ghettoes. By bazillion ghettoes. By bazillion breeching by bazillion goldbricks. By bazillion heavenward by bazillion cheater. By bazillion fee fine by bazillion more hero by bazillion more cone eased, on by more blue by bazillion more house by bazillion more by bazillion more chive by bazillion more bricks. By bazillion more heaven. By bazillion more late by bazillion more fine by bazillion chive hero by bazillion chive cone by bazillion chive blue by bazillion chive by bazillion chive more by bazillion chive chive by bazillion chive bricks. By bazillion chive heaven. By bazillion chive late by bazillion chive fine by bazillion bricks. Hero by bazillion brick mason!!’ And that’s just the beginning.

The main reason I’m uploading this special edition is to demonstrate my limited InDesign skills, so if anyone reading this notices that I’ve made some hideous design error, please say something in the comments! And I won’t object to any praise, either.



One thought on “Blue Blue City – Peter Kelly

  1. I love Codex and really enjoyed the Voynich Manuscripts, but yes, that just sounds like nonsense for nonsense’s sake. Thank you for the review, I’m going to investigate Oahspe now…

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