Spyro 2: Ripto’s Rage

So about a week ago, I won the second Spyro game. And it was pretty good. Pretty much all the praise I gave for the first Spyro game applies to its sequel, alongside a fair bit of praise.

The level design has improved, or at least has become a bit more imaginative. My favourite stage was the Skelos Badlands, a prehistory-themed desert complete with cavemen, dinosaurs and lava. Other imaginative locales include an underground palace inhabited by talking seahorses and a battleground with a Jack-and-the-beanstalk motif.

We’ve also got some now power-ups. If Spyro kills enough enemies and flies between two special pillars, he can gain new abilities such as the power to fly or breath explosive fire. He can also learn to headbutt things, break boulders, and climb ladders. All good stuff.

The music and voice-acting were both pretty great, although admittedly I played most of the game without the sound.

The graphics are beautiful. I enjoyed the vivid colours and the game’s cartoonish aesthetic. This is probably what Jazz Jack Rabbit would look like in 3D.

The plot wasn’t so hot. Spyro wants to go on a holiday after the events of his game, but is instead summoned to an entirely different world menaced by the eponymous Ripto. His summoners are an academic mole, a blokey coyote and a pragmatic kangaroo. To be honest, I didn’t pay all the much attention to the story since most of it was voice-acted, and I played this game without sound. I did appreciate the humorous skits that played before each level. They were like mini-cartoons, good fun.

I’m also pleased to announce that Ripto is a much better final boss than his predecessor. Unlike Gnorc, who ran from the player and went down in two hits, Ripto actually went on the offensive, gobbling gems to power-up and attack Spyro wtih his weird abilities. Much more satisfying.

In every aspect this game is superior to the one that came before. Given that there’s not much of a story, I don’t see why you couldn’t start the Spyro series by playing this game.


If I had a kid I’d totally take them to go see a Spyro film. Get on it, Dreamworks.


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