Queen Jane Bible – Peter Kelly.


Okay, so here’s the deal. I changed the gender of all names and pronouns in the King Jame’s Bible, and self-published the result on Smashwords. I will be the first, and perhaps only, person to admit that the text is far from perfect. Many of the more unfamiliar names have gone unaltered, and a bible ebook with no table of contents is only good for reading Genesis before getting bored. I invite any readers (assuming they exist) to inform me of any unchanged names.

Here is a taster for you all:

‘For I testify unto every woman that heareth the words of the prophecy of this book, If any woman shall add unto these things, Goddess shall add unto her the plagues that are written in this book.’

Listen, if any of my readers work in education and want to be a bit mischievous, just know that I don’t object to anyone showing this bible to a little kid and convincing them it’s the real deal. That can’t go wrong!


2 thoughts on “Queen Jane Bible – Peter Kelly.

  1. You might as well become an atheist if you are gonna tamper with the “written word.” Because if you believe in the religion of christianity..lmao…your judgement sentence is equivalent to blasphemy and changing the words of the holy spirit. A big no no in their world. Good luck.


  2. I’m an atheist and anti-theist. And I commend you on your extraordinary work making these changes. I don’t think it makes the Bible – or Christianity – friendly for women and girls, but at the least it may be an interesting way for Christians to try and break out of worshipping a nasty patriarchal brute and his violent Biblical followers.


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