Metro Winds – Isobelle Carmody


Metro Winds is a short story anthology published by Isobelle Carmody in 2012.

It contains six stories. In genre terms I’d describe them as Magic Realist, and European fairytales is the closest they get to a unifying theme. The back cover provides a blurb for each one. I like this idea, and I’d like to see it in more short story anthologies, even though it wouldn’t be practical for any anthologies with more than ten or so stories.

I haven’t read any Carmody since primary school, but I can tell that she is still a good writer. A bit ornate, but such flourishes can be attributed to the voices of her first-person narrators. The stories are either set in Australia or an unidentified European country. Judging by her bio, I’m guessing that country is Czechoslovakia.

My favourite story was ‘The Girl Who Could See The Wind.’ The main character was a girl who had to deal with immigration, her unusual heritage and help in the rescue of her younger sister. Set in Australia, the main magic was clearly European, although Aboriginal mystical traditions received a nod.

I’d recommend this collection to Neil Gaiman fans. If they liked Neverwhere or the Sandman, they’ll enjoy this.


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