Ghost of Christmas Past

There’s something sad about people who leave their Christmas decorations out after New Years Eve. It’s almost as pathetic as companies that still run their Yuletide advertisements well after the festival is over.

I’ve had a lot of fun scheduling esoteric Christmas songs for the WordPress public’s amusement. But those posts are cluttering up my blog. I want people to be able to read my reviews with the least hassle as possible – that means no ‘read more’ buttons, and scrolling past hideously irrelevant posts. That’s why I’ve collected all those posts that didn’t make it into Top Posts and Pages bit on the sidebar and pasted them all here, before deleting the original copies.

I’ll probably do another Advent calendar this year, and maybe I’ll do something similar for Halloween. I’ve also been thinking of doing a series of scheduled posts called Friday Funnies, which will mostly consist of a picture or Youtube video with a smarmy caption.

I’d like to take this paragraph to thank all those who’ve liked or commented upon my December posts. You know, I got 103 likes that month.

The other thing I want to mention is that I really need to get good at Twitter. Currently I’m pretty terrible at it.

Click that ‘Read More’ button to feel the Christmas.

I watch this clip once every year.

The Darkness… is quite a good band. Loved their cover of Street Spirit, by Radiohead.

I don’t understand basketball, but this I understand just fine!

Meat Loaf on a Silent Night.

Rudolf (You Don’t Have To Put On The Red Light)

I’m surprised you didn’t hear this in the bible. Time to make this holiday a little bigger.

I’m fairly certain you need a sense of humour to get anywhere in heavy metal. Same goes for professional wrestling. That’s what I think, anyway.

An awesome cover of an awful song.

Creepy Christmas.

I’m right here inside!

I am a Claus.

From the brilliant parody album Kreezus, written and produced by Local Business Comedy.

Kanye West on Christmas. It’s good.

This is fantastic. Seth McFarlane should really do something on Broadway.

It is. It was always Santa Claus.

This is the music that plays when I fight bad dudes on church roofs.

Or is that, church rooves?

Stephen Colbert is a hero.

I’m not running out of ideas.

This Christmas, why not chase a lonely old banker?

They must be chasing him, because he’s certainly running away.

Is Christmas disco your heaven….. or your HELL?!!!

People think they go on Youtube to find great music, when really all they find is themselves.

Who will YOU find?


American Dad is the best.

Still the best.

War is over.









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