Would I Lie To you? Presents The 100* Most Popular Lies Of All Time – Peter Holmes, Ben Caudell and Saul Wordsworth


I read this entire book in one day. All 328 pages. Do not ask about the circumstances in which this literary feat occurred, because they simply aren’t relevant to this review.

You should know that Would I Lie To You is the funniest panel show to come out of Britain. The format is simple: one person makes a ridiculous statement and six others argue about whether it is true. Despite my reservations about how well such a format would translate into a book, Would I Lie To you? Presents The 100* Most Popular Lies Of All TIme, or as I think of it, WILTY?PTCMPLOAT, is the best bit of merchandise I’ve seen since the critically underrated Harry Potter games for Gameboy Color.

Instead of novelizing an episode of the show, the three authors have listed ninety-nine common lies and written a charming anecdote for each one, many of which mention Twitter. Lies include ‘I’m feeling tired’, ‘I don’t know’ and ‘I’m sick’. My two favourites were the plumber’s lie about not having the right part and ‘Merry Christmas’, which segues into a hauntingly accurate Yuletide moan. There’s also little segments that appear to be transcriptions of interviews done with the show’s host and team captains, nicely described by the blurb as ‘interjections’. The lack of any real continuity means this book is ideal for flipping through and killing almost any amount of time you may have on your hit list.

At this point in the review I usually end up recommending whatever book I’m jabbering on about, and while this time will be no exception I will also give my recommendation a context. WILTY?PTCMPLOAT would make a brilliant gift. If I received this for my birthday or Christmas in two years I’d be happy, and I’d be equally smug to give it as a present if I found it in a charity shop. So don’t just read this book, buy it for someone else, borrow it from them and read it, and than lie about losing it.


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