Book Haul

book haul 2 12 15

Bought all these books from St Vinnie’s at Lilydale for one dollar.

I’m most excited about Bored Of The Rings, which looks to be an early example of a parodic novel. I remember there being lots of small, hardcover parodic novels in the noughties. My personal favourite is Michael Gerber’s Barry Trotter trilogy, although I also enjoyed one that riffed off The Di Vinci Code. Does anyone else remember these things? Bored seems somewhere between Mad Magazine and Discworld. I’m going to start reading it tonight.

The Riders of the Sidhe is a novelization of the saga of Lugh of the Long Hand, that Irish polymath who liberated his homeland from his father, a tyrannical pirate king with an eyeball in the back of his head that could shoot lasers. I think. My source for the tale is Lady Gregory’s Gods and Fighting Men. Looks good, although being Australian I think I read Irish mythology differently from an actual Irish person. Mythical Ireland is regularly invaded, the previous inhabitants marginalized to the point of disappearance – it’s impossible for me not to see this as colonialism.

I can’t decide if I love or hate the cover for Out Of Their Minds. It is be about a man trapped in the world of the human imagination. This seems to be more of a Philip K Dick plot, although I really know very little about Clifford Simak.

I know even less about Michael Moorcock, author of Moorcock’s Book of Martyrs. I read his Doctor Who novel, The Coming Of The Terraphiles, and I thought it was pretty good. His name is also familiar from Mindwebs, I think. This is a collection of short stories, including one about Jesus and another about Jimi Hendrix. Can’t go too far wrong.

Isaac Bashevis Singer’s The Magician of Lublin is the wild card on the board. I loved his story that appeared in Wandering Stars. It appears to be about an itinerant performer who becomes deeply involved in Judaism. The cover’s got a chimp, so it definitely seems worthwhile.

I realise this isn’t the most beautiful photo – I haven’t quite figured out how to photograph books indoors. My main reason for doing so is that I can tag these posts with ‘photos’ and ‘photography’ are apparently popular tags on WordPress, and I’m feeling incredibly cynical today. Photographing a bunch of books and referring to the results as a ‘book haul’ is apparently something successful bloggers do, and with this post I’m trying to allude to that in my own artless way.

Besides Bored, anyone got any ideas what book I should read next?


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