Infinite Kung-Fu – Kagan McLeod

Fair Use

Kagan McLeod’s Infinite Kung-Fu is a loving tribute to martial arts cinema.

There’s no question that the art is excellent. Kagan has taken grey-scale shading as far as it can go, and the detail of the character’s costumes and faces as well as the inventiveness of their environments is beautifully impressive. I remember one particular backdrop, a giant mountain carved in the shape of a Buddha. That was pretty cool.

The story was the major stumbling block for me. We’re in a post-apocalyptic world, presumably of the nuclear variety, and the Chinese gods have summoned the Ten Immortals to the heavens to help them sort things out. The Immortals train ten disciples to take their place while their attending to their heavenly duties, but these disciples later become corrupted. There’s zombies, an Emperor trying to destroy the world, and one soldier from his army is chosen to put an end to it. McGuffins are collected, asses are kicked, but the whole sequence of events feels improvised and the characterizations arbitrary. It’s as though the writer has drawn up a list of cool set-pieces without thinking about how they logically connect.

The art was good and the story was indifferent. I’d only recommend it for kung-fu fans.


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