In Which The Economist Annoys Me

I think this pictures sets the tone of the post. Barry Langdon-Lassagne, Creative Commons 3.

Here’s an interesting article from the Economist, and when I type ‘interesting’ I type it in the sense that I think it’s a bit gimmicky.

The subheadings are the ‘In Which Things Happen‘ sort, which always feels patronising and pretentious to me.

I’d describe the visual style as ‘failed experimental’. You can switch between a normal webpagepretend book, and audiobook of the article. The audiobook is good and the webpage is fine, except that each time I’d get to a new section the audiobook would start yapping at me. I’m guessing the pretend book was made for tablets, because you can turn pretend pages! There’s even pretend coffee stains!

Reading this page got me onto Spritz. Spritz is this ereading thingy where you click on a little box, and single words dance before your eyes before disappearing. Mugatu could find a use for it. Spritz could make poetry indistinguishable from prose, if linebreaks don’t get a longer pause.

The article itself is decent and if you’re looking for a potted history of books you should read it.


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