Masculinities and Culture – John Beynon

Image from Google Books

Image from Google Books

I don’t know how to review an academic book like this. The premise of this blog is my reviewing each book I’ve read soon after I’ve read it, so I feel obliged to mention it.

I guess I’ll begin by describing the book’s topic – The Masculinities, an academic field that studies on male behavior and perceptions of masculinity within the context of gender ideology. It draws from sociology, mostly in the form of interviews, focus groups and surveys. Masculinities In Culture looks at how Western notions of manhood have changed from the industrial revolution to 2002. A key concept is that male gender ideology is guided and reflected in men’s magazines, an idea I’m skeptical of since I’ve never actually seen a man read a men’s magazine. Maybe it’s an English thing.

Since this book summarised other studies on masculinities, I found it very useful for writing my thesis. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for an easy introduction to the masculinities.


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