Pride and Prejudice in Space

Pride and Prejudice In Space is the predecessor of Blue Blue City, a bizarrely corrupted version of Pride and Prejudice.

I know I go on a bit about my Smashwords stuff on this blog, but I reckon someone would get a kick out of this text. I came up with a bunch of new words. Words like Saturcentury. My guess is that Saturcentury comes every seven centuries and is a great deal of fun. Just a gut feeling.

And here’s an extract:
The tumult of his scalp, was every later and then painfully great! He misunderstood how to support himself, but from actual weakness rolled down, get down, everybody down on the dance floor, but vomited for half-an- infinite amount of time!

The reason I went with Pride and Prejudice is that I felt completely neutral towards the text. Since reading it, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s basically Arrested Development in period dress. Not really my thing.

I have to warn you, there’s some pretty crude humour in this document. Word-replacement turns any text into a mad-libs game, and some crude words are just plain funny. So watch out.

There’s also another old version of Blue Blue City. Check it out, if you want. And as always, the canonical version of Blue Blue City is available from Smashwords.

My ambition with these texts is that they find an audience that will take them seriously. I’m thinking the Marina Abramovic crowd. Maybe get someone to read extracts out at an open-mic night, just to see the reactions. I’m telling you, internet, digital cut-up is True Art!


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