Cheap Ereaders

I try to do Ascii art on my Kindle, didn't really work. Creative Common 3.

For most of you, there’ll be one point in your ebook life in which you must pay money. That point is when you actually purchase your ereader.

I’m loyal to the Kindle brand. My first ereader was the bog-standard Kindle, which currently costs 69 dollars on Amazon. I’d recommend starting out with this model. It is cheap, has buttons instead of an irritating touchscreen, and with one gigabyte of storage you can still carry a thousand books in your hand.

I don’t advise leaning your hand on your Kindle as you stand up from a couch, as this was how I broke my first ereader. I’m currently using the Kindle Keyboard, which costs 139 dollars. The keyboard is impractical but it has four gigabytes of storage.

I’ve also had a play on the Kindle Paperwhite, 119 dollars on Amazon. The back-lit screen was neat, but I wanted more storage and the touch screen annoyed me. I’d recommend this model for the children of parents who are overzealous about bedtimes.

To put most free ebooks on your Kindle you’ll need cable with a USB head on one end and a micro USB on the other. These are sold with Kindles, and replacements only cost ten dollars.


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